Shrimp Parcels

Good for cocktail parties

Recipe by Vedika Hemnani of Melbourne, AU

this is classy dish that can be passed as short-eats for a small gathering of people.

Ingredients non vegetarian 10 servings

    • 25 Sheets of Rice Paper
    • 2 cups of small shrimps (shelled and de-veined)
    • 500 g butter
    • 1 cup white flour(maida)
    • 3-4 cups of milk
    • 5 tsp green chillies chopped fine
    • 3 tbsp of corriander chopped fine
    • 1 onion chopped fine
    • 7-8 cubes of cheese
    • 4 tbsp vinegar
    • 2-3 tbsp black pepper
    • 3 cups of hot water
    • 1 tbsp oil
    • salt to taste


    1. Marinate the shelled and de-veined shrimps in vinegar and salt for about 5-10 minutes.
    2. In a pan, heat the oil and cook the shrimps for just 5 minutes till they turn white.Now drain out the shrimps and dry them on a plate.
    3. Melt butter in a pot. Add the finely chopped onion and saute until pink.Add the white flour and stir on a high flame till the mixture turns a little golden.Stir in the milk slowly and keep mixing to avoid lumps from forming.
    4. The mixture will start to thicken. To this add the green chillies, corriander,salt, pepper, cheese cubes and the shrimps.
    5. When the mixture turns creamy and thick, take it off the fire.
    6. In a shallow, large bottomed bowl or dish, pour in hot water.
    7. Immerse the rice paper in this water for about 5-6 seconds and take it out. Place this rice paper on a Kitchen Towel and drain excess water.
    8. Spoon out some of the shrimp mixture and place it in the middle of the rice paper length-wise.
    9. Roll in both the edges of the rice paper over the mixture to make like a burrito or a spring roll.
    10. Now roll it again in the horizontal direction to about the size of a fist.
    11. These parcels can be enjoyed fresh or they can also be deep fried like spring rolls.

    Serving Suggestions: Serve with any chilli sauce or dips like mint dip, chilli dip or even chutney.

    Note: Rice paper is usually available in the supermarkets. Alternatively, these rolls can also be made using a white flour dough. roll the dough out like a chappatti and place the filling inside. Roll in the similar fashion as detailed above and deep-fry.the shrimp mixture can be used as fillings for samosas and  spring rolls as well.



    HI..I'd like to try this recipe.Could you tell me what rice paper is? Can we make it at home?Or are there any substitutes? Thanks

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