Vegetable Kababs

Recipe by MeenalDattani of

Ingredients vegetarian 2 servings

    4 raw bananas (boiled with skin) peeled and mashed 2 potatoes boiled peeled and mashed 1 carrot grated 1 bread slice crumbled (crust trimmed) 2 tablespoon raisins(optional) 2 teaspoon chilli ginger paste salt to taste chilli powder and garam masala powder to taste.


    1. Mix all the ingredients together.
    2. Divide the mixture into small portions and shape into kababs.
    3. Fix them on greased skewers.
    4. Heat the griller to a medium heat.
    5. Roll the skewers till the kababs are golden brown.
    6. Sprinkle chaat masala and serve hot with tomato ketchup, green chutney or mint chutney.



    This was an amazing recipe, its just that the proportions are to be adjusted according to taste, actually a lot of manipulation is neded but let me tell u, it makes an evening..