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Paani Puri

gol gappa

Recipe by Sachin Kathuria of faridabad, IN

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    For Puris :

    For Pani :

    • mint
    • greenchillies
    • blacksalt
    • lemonjuice,
    • tamarind
    • panipuri powder


    1. Make a dough using clubsoda (not water) to chapati consistency.
      Make into tiny balls. Press small balls as like puris and Fry in very hot oil..
    2. Grind mint, greenchillies, lemonjuice, tamarind, panipuri powder with 2 litres of water.
    3. Boil potatoes, moong beans mash and mix together.
    4. Make a hole on one side in each puri and fill it with a teaspoon of the potato mixture.
    5. Top with a little mint and tamarind chutney.
    6. To serve, dip each pani puri into the prepared water and serve



    Sumana Zachariah

    Sumana Zachariah

    Yummyyyyyyyyy!!!! You can also add ice cubes to the khatta pani, which will be even more refreshing in the summer.

    Lisha Goyal

    Thanks my parents really appreciate me for making such yummy gol gaapas ........... Thanks a lot..............



    coriander leaves,ginger for green chutney,step 2.that water can be kept in fridge for 2 hrs.dates and jaggery can be added for tamarind chutney.if amchur powder is added black salt shd be reduced.everest pani puri masala is also available.ragda can also be used.

    Sachin Kathuria

    Sachin Kathuria

    Hi Anuradha, Pani puri powder is just the normal jaljeera powder which we can get anywhere of MDH.


    what is paani puri powder? can we prepare at home or to be bought?