homemade pineapple rasmalai


Recipe by swati dhingra of jakarta-indonesia, ID

you will just love this rasmalai this is my secret recipe which now i want to share with u all belive me its yummy.

Ingredients vegetarian 6 servings

    for rasgolas....
    • 1 kg fresh milk
    • 2 tbsp of white vinegar
    for syurp...
    • 5 glass of water medium size 
    • 1 1/2 glass sugar same size
    for rasmalai..
    • 150 g sweet condensed milk
    • 150 g evaporated milk
    • 200 ml whipping cream 200ml
    • cardamons few crushed
    • little kesar
    • yellow food colour few drops
    • pineapple essence few drops
    • few pista crushed for decoration


    1. first boil milk ad vinegar and make paneer out of it. take out paneer in the sieve and wash under running water for a minute.now squeeze all water in the cloth and keep in the bowl.
    2. mash it with yr hand till soft now add sugar 2 tsp and 1 tbsp maida. mash it again.
    3. now make marble size rasgolas and boil in the sugar syurp for 20 mintues with close lid do not open put off gas and let it cool.than add rose syurp and keep in the freeze. rasgolsa are ready .u can store them for a week and use whenever u want for rasmalai.
    4. for rasmalai blend everything above mention for rasmalai except kesar and pistas.leave for decoration.
    5. now take out rasgolas and set them on the flat dish squeeze syrup now pour the rasmalai blended on the rasgolas and decorated with the pistas and kesar  and close the dish n leave in the freeze and serve it chilled.
    6. rasmalai is ready to eat .
    7. rasgolas should be made one day before if u want to make rasmalai.
    8. please take 3kg size pan to make rasgolas otherwise it stick to each other.
    9. u cannot store this ras malai more than two days.


    swati dhingra

    swati dhingra

    hi sorry by mistake sugar for syurp is 1 1/2 glass.