Preethi Stephenson

From Chennai, IN

  • Last seen on 2/16/2010 4:37:00 AM

"I am from Chennai with a passion for cooking, learnt lovely recipies from my mother Jayanthi who was an excellent cook. Now I am honing my culinary skills for my sweet hubby Clynton, who relishes my food and for my sweethearts Kamal and Vasanthi who always go gaga over my cooking."

Latest Recipes by Preethi

Madrasi Crab Curry

Best for colds and coughs, Enjoy it in the rainy season!

Spicy and fiery combination of crabs and pepper! Divine when had with a small bowl of steamed rice and a hot egg omlet. Best as a rainy day- lunch menu!!


Kheema Curry

Soft mince cooked in a delicious flavourful coconut gravy!

Very tasty and is awesome with rotis, dosas and idlies. A must for breakfast in my house of Diwali!!!!


Arcot Prawn Masala Rice

Tasty and filing best when made with the small shrimps!

Very hot and tasty and a speciality of my native Arcot! known for its Nawabs and biryani!shrimps are the best to be used in this rice, can be made in a jiffy. Learnt it from my mother who inherited it from her mother-in-law!!


Madrasi Mushroom Sukka

Spicy and yumy

Very tasty and can be served with rice,rotis and even toasted buttered bread. tastes awesome as a filling in sandwiches and katti rolls too!


Delicious keema toast

delicious and filling

Very tasty and filling, can use leftover chicken also, very tasty


Soft Chicken fry

soft and tasty with a hint of coconut

Tasty fry and my husband's favorite!!!


Mushroom 65

Crisp and tasty, ideal as a tea-time snack

This is a nice snack which doubles up as a side dish too with sambhar rice, rasam and any mixed rice, Best when eaten hot.


Easy Chicken Kurma

Tasty tamilian chicken kurma

This kurma saves lot of time and tastes great as all the ingredients are added whole, fried and then ground.


Diet Chicken

Chicken cooked with 1 tsp of oil

I am a total chicki lover and when i gained extra weight, i tried cooking chicken this way and it turned out wonderful, tastes great with sambhar, rasam and chappathis