how to make ice cream using GMS and CMC

how to make ice cream using GMS and CMC

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What are these GMS and CMS ingredients ?expand

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Procedure for making Icecream using GMS and CMC, Ingredients:-Whole Cream Milk ---- one litre, Sugar --- 350 gms, GMS-----ONE CUP, CMC---Half tsp, Vanilla Essence------2tsp. Procedure:- Boil milk in a kadai, to reduce to three-forth litre stirring continuosly and adding GMS little by little so that there is no lump formation ,then add CMC, vanilla essence and sugar keep on stirring .Cool and blend in a mixer ,keep in freezer till it sets, again remove it from freezer and blend it in a mixer so that there no lumps and ice particles to get a smooth texture and then finally keep in freezer in airtight container.You can add fruit pieces

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