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Fish pulimunchi 1

Spicy & tangy fish curry

Hot & tangy fish curry for fish lovers. This is favorite fish curry prepared in Mangalore area. This curry is prepared with salt water fish (Mackerel, sardines or King fish most preffered).

vasudha shetty

Recipe by vasudha shetty


Kolhapuri Mutton 1

It is a very popular dish from the region of Kolhapur in Maharashtra. Very spicy and finger licking. Best had with naan.




Khajoor Eggless Cake 0

Vegan Date Cake, relished by people who are Vegetarian..

This cake is made in COOKER, no need of Eggs n OTG!! Very tasty n easy..


Recipe by Varuna A


Suji Toast 2

a very healthy, no oil toast

It is no oil/butter toast, made in brown bread, with goodness of suji, richness of curd and veggies (all of your choice). I topped the toast with some grated cheese which you can skip. But the crisp brown color of the grilling comes with cheese.


Recipe by rashmi agrawal


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This is a such a simple and healthy dish and turns out great every time. I used 3 cloves of garlic, fresh chopped jalapenos and substituted olive oil with avocado oil. The results were great


Rajgira (Amarnath Flour) Puri

I was also able to substitute half of the amaranth flour with quinoa (available where I live) flour and the puri turned out pretty good. It's hard to puff it though


Chicken Manchurian

why is there mention of cabbage when u dont use it in the recipe?


You have not given the complete list of ingredients.


Gol Gappa

you have not told what to do with the ghee and how to make imli chutney



use tamarind pulp....

Curd Rice

sounds intresting ..let me try ... but are cashewnuts necessary???...


Egg bhajji



Curd Rice

No doubt this is a popular dish of the south, especially during the summer time. But the common mistake people make is that they add curd fully. To avoid sourness in the curd rice, follow the following tips- Mix the rice with a flat spatula while it is still hot. Add boiled and cooled milk and mix. The hot rice will absorb the milk so keep adding milk till the rice becomes slightly loose. Then add 1 or 2 tablespoons of curd, salt to taste and tadka. Just mustard seeds, curry leaves, a pinch of hing and finely chopped ginger(1 tsp) will also be nice. For small children you can do with out the tadka also. This way the curd rice will not turn sour for 5 to 6 hours. While travelling, this can be eaten the next day also by adding milk to lessen the sourness.

Varalekshmy Raghavan

Chicken 65

wow! it tastes good and u know i love chicken 65 a lot and when i go out i'm not getting delicious taste, so i tried it in my home and every one in my family liked it.thank u..