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I’m a happy, self-contented homemaker now after serving Infosys as a Software Engineer for 8 years. Cooking is my passion and I try out new recipes especially on SEAFOOD in my spare time as my daughter is an ardent fan of FISH. Also, fish being my personal favorite ,I have tried out various kinds of Fish recipes from Baked fish, Grilled fish, Fish appetizers, Fish curry, Kids friendly, Veggies with fish, Rice with Fish and others, find a collection of my recipes in

Meen Pattichathu

Spicy Kerala Fish cuisine

this weekend my hubby wanted to have his favorite fish curry, meen pattichathu, a very popular dish from kerala. i have seen my mom-in-law preparing this dish when ever we visited cochin. the specialty of this dish is its fiery look and the hot n sour taste. oily fishes like mackerel, king fish , sardines, pomfret are commonly used ; the oil of the fish enhances the flavor of this dish. to reduce the spice level and enhance the look of the dish, kashmiri red chili powder can be used, i have used both, ie red chili powder and kashmiri chili powder for this recipe.kudampuli, also known as malabar tamarind/fish tamarind is used in this recipe. can substitute with normal tamarind. it's best if cooked in a clay pot and served with steamed tapioca/ steamed rice .

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