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Mutton Biryani

This has a special flavour which you will get in Kolkata

This particular gives a very good aroma of a Biryani. Might look a lengthy recipe but its worth a try.. :)

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Egg Biryani- Homestyle

Easy to make Egg Biryani

Egg And Rice cooked separately and mixed in a Tight lid bowl to make deliciously Egg Biryani

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Paneer Dhaniya

Paneer cooked in Corriander & Cashew paste

An easy to make paneer Recipe

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Macher Paturi

Baked Bengali style Fish

A special preparition of Fish from Bengal prepared in Banana Leaves. This is one of the royal dishes from Bengal

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Rice Sandwich (Fried Idli)

A quick to make simple dish made with the batter of Rice & Urad Dal

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