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by: Rajiv Anand of California

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10/17/2014 7:41 AM by

use tamarind pulp....


9/13/2009 2:15 AM by N.ANANTHA PADMANABHAN

asafoetida(hing) has not been added tio it


2/28/2008 7:54 PM by Leo

Where did TAMARIND come from when LEMON is mentioned in the ingredients? Funny.......


9/26/2005 10:24 AM by mini

thanks for this and your other great recipes on this website. i was amazed to find so many different recipes that were surprisingly simple and easy to cook ! I always loved to cook but never knew what to cook,I ran out of recipes so soon, that within a week, i 'd not want to cook anything ! But now I have the great ideas, thanks to you!


9/26/2005 10:24 AM by Rashmi Murthy

Thanks a lot, Khanakhazana. U'v made my life a whole lot easier by giving us all these wonderful recipies at our fingertips. I am student of MTECH & being in hostel, i invariably had to cook. With Khanakhazana to help me, its a bliss to cook


5/29/2003 3:43 AM by Michelle

The Ingredients in this receipe mentions Lemon Juice and the Method has Tamrind juice. Please let us know what to use.


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