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Moong Kofta

Koftas made from moong with a fine gravy. A relishing dish, ofcourse


Just try it to tickle your tongue

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3/19/2014 2:15 PM by Shweta Ballal

Hello Julian, if not you get an answer from the author of this recipe, I suggest you that the fresh cream you have been wondering about can be added to the cooking dish just a couple of minutes before you remove it from heat.


3/17/2014 12:46 AM by julian vaz

so what happens to the 100g of fresh cream???


6/17/2011 3:54 AM by Mayask

Thank U ....A very simple nd Healthy recipe . Green beans are high protein lentils . Low in fat . Rich in antioxidants , Helps in weight loss , Lowers Cholesterol level . Prevents rising of blood sugar as they are in high in fiber .


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