Biscuit & Mango Pudding

Very easy , quick & yummy; we loved it!!!

Recipe by Mrs.Preethi .M. Vivek of

Well, my family loved it & the best thing is that its very easy to make.

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    1. 5 Ripe Mangoes
    2. 10 tbso Sugar
    3. 2½ cups Milk
    4. 3 tbsp Gelatin
    5. 1 cup Cream
    6. 1 pack Marie (arrowroot) Biscuit


    1. Take pulp of 3 mangoes.
    2. Powder the sugar fine in a mixie
    3. Dip the Biscuits in cold milk & keep aside.
    4. Mix all the ingriedients & beat in the mixie.
    5. Cut one Mango in to small pieces & add to the mixture
    6. Dissolve the gelatine in hot water & add to the mixture.
    7. Make thin slices of one mango & decorate.
    8. Refrigerate.


    sahana kolay

    I think Mrs Preethi wants to say that ALL the ingredients need to be blended together, which includes the biscuits as well. It is a nice change from what we all make. I first place the biscuits at the bottom of the serving dish then pour the blended fruits etc on the biscuits. Now I'll definitely try Preethi's version.


    what do you do to the cold biscuits. do you apply the mixture on top of the biscuits and then decorate the remaining mango on top of it. please explain