Indian Cookie

Recipe by Seema Katware of

This simple recipe is really easy to cook and tastes delicious

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    Gram flour(Besan) - 2 cups Plain Folur(Maida) - 1 cup Semoline(Suji) - 1/2 cup Sugar(ground) - 1 cup Ghee or Refined oil - 1 cup Soda Bi Carbonate - A Pinch Salt - A pinch (to taste)


    1. Mix all the ingredients together.
    2. Shape it into small balls of the required size and flatten it between the two palms. You can cut it with a cookie cutter also.
    3. Bake them till golden brown at 180 degree C.
    4. Serve with Tea.




    Shweta, u need to use ghee or Refined oil (as mentioned) to knead the dough.


    hi is there something missing in the recepie.....what should be used to knead all the ingredients into a dough?


    I love the recipe,it's now that short or long its yummy.FIVE STARS


    the recipe is awesome!!! i never knew i cud bake stuff weell!! n the recipe is soo easy!! older recipes require so many items n so much of time!! thnk u!! oh btw its 1 pich of soda n needs to be cooked at 180 ! n remove it wen its golden in colour!! add cocoa powder or honey to the mixture it maked the great recipe evn greater!!


    Are you sure you need 1 cup of Bicarbonate soda, also what temperature do you need to bake them and for how long.


    Excellent. I never knew that I can make such lovely nan khatai's. Thanx for the recipie

    mrs ln khan

    Hi!!!! it is not mentioned in the recipe for how long it should be baked.please reply

    Aaisha Momin

    after mixing suppose we cannot form them in a ball shape it breakes what do we do. shall we add little milk or some thing else.urgent.