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Chocolate Cheese Cake

Creamy and chocolaty

Recipe by priya of chennai, IN

Yummy and Easy to make

Ingredients non vegetarian 4 servings

    • 250 gms Cream Cheese
    • 50 gm Biscuit
    • 2 tbsp Coco powder
    • 25 gm Butter
    • 2 eggs
    • 1 egg yolk
    • 75 ml Cream
    • 1 tbsp Custard powder
    • 200 gm Sugar
    • 150 gms Chocolate (melted)


      1. Crush the bicuits in to powder. Add butter and mix it well with the help of blender. Add 1 tbsp of coco powder and blend it properly.
      2. Put this mixer as a even thin at the bottom  in a greased bake tin. (use a mould which can be opened from the sides)
      3. keep this in the fridge for 15 min
      4. Add cream in the blender and blend to smooth mixture.
      5. Then add eggs and blend. Add yolk and blend to a smooth mixture.
      6. Then mix coco powder in 2 tbsp of hot water and add to the mixture.
      7. Then add sugar and custard powder and blend properly.
      8. Then mix chocolate and blend to smooth mixture.
      9. Take the mould from the fridge and pour this mixture.
      10. Cover the sides of the mould with aluminium foil to prevent excess heat.
      11. Put this mixture in a alumunium tray and add hot water in the tray
      12. Then bake this cake in a 180.c preheated oven for 7 min. (check whether it is done or not and adjust the timing)
      13. Remove it carefully from the mould and serve chilled




    It's so mouth watering and i gotto try it coz it has over ruled my guilty conscience of not putting on wieght.


    hello all cream cheese is available in the market thats departmental stores but even the mediunm quality costs a lot like 300 for 250 grrams!!this can be prepared at home by mixing melted cheese with curds.the curds should be tied in a muslin cloth 4 hours before use.....thank you hope you liked it.......please send in your feedback



    Cream cheese is CHEESE SPREAD


    what is cream cheese . if possible specify the brand.. which biscuit to be used. is there any recipes of cake which can be made cooker or clay oven or tava. please suggest



    i think cream cheese is also known as cheese spread.

    savio rodrigues

    wat is this cream cheese it also called mascapony cheese


    i wanted to know can the cake be done without egg caus me vegetarian.or u can do without the eggs.


    add cream cheese in step four


    please tell what is cream cheese and when to add it as you havent mentioned there. do reply...

    sabina khan

    you have'nt told when to add the cream cheese as the recipe is incomplete without the cream cheese.please do tel me


    tell us what is cream cheese. is it easily available in the market?


    tell us what is creamed cheese. do mail it the cake seems yummy i am waiting to make it do tell us


    what is cream cheese is it what they use in pizzas


    please suggest me a cake which do not require a oven to bake and all ingredient easily availablend easy to make