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Potato And Cheese Soup

Recipe by tasnim of karachi, PK

A full nutritious meal

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    • 4 medium potatoes
    • 1 small onion
    • 1 tbsp salt or as required
    • 1 cup water
    • 2 cup milk
    • 2 tbsp flour
    • pepper as required
    • 1 cup grated cheese  
    • 1 tbsp butter



    1. Put potatoes, onion, salt ,and water in a pan.
    2. Cook on medium heat for 20 minutes and allow it to cool naturally .
    3. Blend the mixture.
    4. Return soup to pan.
    5. In another pan add butter then flour and then gradually add 1/2 cup milk blending it smooth.
    6. Add the soup to the milk mixture .
    7. Now add pepper according to taste and rest of the milk to the soup .
    8. Place the pan on medium heat and let it boil .
    9. Add cheese and stir till it melts .
    11. For better results add 1 cube of chicken stock instead of salt.



    tas recipe is very common .i try many recipe of this type.i want some different recipe thanks