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Vegetarian Mexican dish

Recipe by Parul Patel of Katy, TX, US

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    • 1 packet flour tortilla(6-8)
    • 1 medium size can of tomato puree
    • 1 cup hot enchilada sauce 
    • 1 medium size can of baked red kidney beans
    • 8-10 large pitted black olives
    • 1-2 cup mozzarella cheese (as per your choice)
    • 1 packet Taco seasoning
    • red chili powder
    • salt


    1. First prepare tomato sauce in pot. For sauce mix tomato puree & water, add taco seasoning, red chili & salt as per taste you like.
    2. Heat & boil this sauce for at least 10 mins.
    3. Place aside for cool it. Mix hot enchilada sauce in home made sauce.
    4. Then prepare filling with red kidney beans. In bowl mash red kidney beans, add remaining taco seasoning, red chili powder & salt to taste in kidney beans, mix well.
    5. Heat tawa and fry tortilla both side with little olive oils. Keep aside for cool it.
    6. In big round dish pour some sauce, dip tortilla in sauce both side.
    7. Add kidney beans mixture in center of tortilla and roll evenly.
    8. Now add some sauce in baking dish to layer & arrange this roll in baking dish side by side.
    9. Add remaining sauce  over this roll.
    10. Spread  mozzarella  cheese  over  roll  making  thin layer.
    11. Cut  black  olives  into  thin  slice  &  arrange  on  cheese  layer.
    12. Preheat oven for 250 degrees for 5-10 mins.
    13. Cover baking dish with aluminium foil & bake for atleast 15-20 mins or untill cheese looks like melted.
    14. Serve & enjoy hot enchiladas.



    hi parul, thx a lot for the recipe..i tried it n it turned out pretty well..n hey darshni n varsha..u can get enchilada sauce n tortilas in market easily..


    My son is very fond of eating enchliladas, the recipe is good but i would like to know how to make enchilada sauce and how to make tortilas.

    varsha lakhani

    varsha lakhani

    hi, thanks a lot for this recipe. I am happy that it is a pretty easy recipe and instead of buying from the market i can just make it at home. But hope you don't mind me asking, how to make the enchilada sauce? Do i make it at home or get it from the market. Please do mail me, thanks. Cheers.