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fish fry

evergreen snacks

Recipe by aarti of akot, IN

Ingredients non vegetarian 4 servings

    • 8 pieces of fish
    • 1 cup suji
    • 1cup besan(gram floor)
    • 2-3tsps garam masala
    • red chilli powder
    • turmeric
    • salt
    • oil for frying


    Take a water in bowl & add 3-4 tbs salt in it,deep the fish in it for 15 min.

    -take another bowl & add suji,besan,garam masala,chilli powder,turmeric,salt,mix it properly.

    _ after 15 min remove the fish from water & slightly pres the pieces of fish for removing excess water.

    _ add this pieces in mixture of suji & besan.fix & spread the mixture on pieces properly by pressing it.

    • _deep fry it in oil.spread lemon juice on it & serve.




    hi aarti, thanks for contributing awesome recipe,it seems very nice, i don't like fish so much but still i will try it. i hope my husband will also like it.keep uploading such nice recipes, once again thanks.