coconut fudge

Recipe by PRITI CHAND of suva , FJ

Ingredients vegetarian 1 servings

    • 2 cups of desicated coconut
    • 11/2 cup of condense milk
    • red food color


    1. 1/2 the desicated coconut
    2. in 1 cup of desicated coconut add condensed milk to make a soft dough
    3. grease a tray, spread the dough on the tray
    4. than take another 1 cup of desicated coconut ad a pinch of red color and add the condense milk in it and mix to make a soft dough
    5. now spread the mixure on the same tray on top of the white mixture like we do for thr barfi
    6. cut into square pieces and serve



    what is desicated coconut?

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