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Pahari Chicken

Very simple way to a Delicious chicken fry.

Recipe by sania of , US

Ingredients non vegetarian 4 servings

    • 1 Medium Chicken (2 lb)
    • 2 Pints Curd / Yoghurt (around 1 litre)
    • 1 tbsp Corriander leaves (finely chopped)
    • 6 Green chillies
    • 3 Cardamom
    • 1 inch Ginger piece
    • 2 tbsp Ghee
    • salt to tatse


    1. Cut the chicken into pieces.
    2. Chop ginger and 2 green chillies finely.
    3. Slit the remaining chillies and fry in hot ghee wit cardamoms, ginger and garlic.
    4. Add chicken pieces and fry til evenly browned.
    5. Whip curd and add to chicken, lower heat and simmer without stirring. Add salt and cook till chicken is tender leaving a thick gravy.
    6. Garnish with coriander leaves and chopped green chillies. Serve with rice.



    Its very strange as no spices viz. red chilly powder, turmeric powder and even the main ingredient which is the black pepper powder is not there. Sorry, but I am not clear about this dish.


    its too easy and fast to prepare