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Bread pudding

Easy n tasty..

Recipe by Urooj of Riyadh, SA

Easy way to make replica of traditional kheer with the same nice taste and your guests will never even have a clue that it is not made out of Rice.....

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    • Milk 2 ltr
    • Sugar 1/2 kg
    • Khoya 1/4 kg/condense milk 1 tin(optional)
    • Dry fruit as reqd(almonds,pistachio,walnut)
    • Bread 4-5 slices
    • chandi ka warq as reqd



    1. Toast all slices of bread in atoaster on a disk after spreading a bit of oil on both sides
    2. Grind the bread it in a grinder to make powder
    3. Put milk in pan and let it cook on slow flame for about an hour
    4. When the milk thickens add sugar and khoya and mix well keep stiring it for 15 min
    5. Now add Grinded toasted bread and cook for 15 min
    6. Pour it in serving dish
    7. Add ground dry nuts, saffron or chandi key worq for garnishing
    8. Ready to serve