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Samber (South Indian Style)

By: Kavita Chugani of Dubai, AE

Filed in Dals and Soups

Serves 4 people

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  • 3 cups of Tuar Dal boiled
  • 3-4 onions cut in long
  • 2-3 chopped tomatoes
  • 2-3 Green chilies
  • Curry leaves
  • ½ tsp Ginger garlic paste
  • ½ tsp Mustard seeds (Rai)
  • 1 tsp Red chilies
  • ½ tsp Turmeric powder (Haldi)
  • 1 tsp Sambar power
  • Salt to taste
  • Tamarind water
  • Coriander leaves


  1. Take some oil in a kadai add mustard seeds, green chilies, curry leaves add onions, ginger garlic paste, stir well till cooked.
  2. Now add tomatoes, turmeric powder, red chilies powder, samber powder, salt to taste still well until cooked.
  3. Now add boiled Tuar dal, tamarind water mix will and water as per thickness bring it to boil then add coriander leaves.
  4. Serve hot with idly or dose. Note: If u want u can add vegetables in it like: carrot, bringal, etc…

Latest Comments

By Kavita Chugani on 6/14/2009 12:51:00 AM

Thanks! Sneha for your tip I will defenetly try this.

By sneha on 6/14/2009 12:35:00 AM

hi Kavitha,am surprised how many wondered about garlic in sambar!!but it's not added as a paste as u mentioned.garlic pods are presurre cooked along with toor dal and then mashed together before making the sambar.this can be tried.

By Kavita Chugani on 5/25/2009 10:12:00 AM

Thanks u Christy for trying my recipe. You are so good cook that I am getting inspiration from you to keep posting more recipes.

By christy gerald on 5/20/2009 8:16:00 AM

In Tamil Nadu(in Salem Dist),this Garlic Sambar is famous but they don't add ginger paste.Today I added little ginger to the Sambar and it tasted good.Nice recipe Kavitha!.

By Kavita Chugani on 5/20/2009 6:22:00 AM

Thanks Rajeswari for ur kind tips and comments. If u try this Sambar with Idli or Dosa, I am sure u will also like it as much we all do at my home. Thanks :-)

By rajeswari on 5/20/2009 2:06:00 AM

we don't add garlic in sambar.this sambar we can have with rice but for idli dosa its a different sambhar.

By Kavita Chugani on 5/20/2009 12:09:00 AM

Hi Divya! You can add garlic in Sambar. Please try with it and let me know, iam sure u will like it:-)

By Divya on 5/20/2009 12:05:00 AM

Garlic in sambar?No way.


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