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Beet root smoothie

Recipe by rabz of Dhaka, BD

Nice, refreshing & healthy summer drink.

Ingredients vegetarian 2 servings

    • 1 cup beetroot cut into cubes  cooked in 1 cup sugar & in  4 cup water until nice & tender.
    • 1/2 cup vanilla ice cream.
    • 1/2 cup milk
    • few drops of rose water. 
    • *If on diet this option can easily be done:
    • 1/2 cup  low fat/skimmed yoghurt
    • 1/c low fat/skimmed milk.


    1. The beetroot should be cooked until tender & a nice consistency of syrup is left at the end.
    2. Cool the beetroot .
    3. Combine 4 tbsp of of beet + vanilla ice cream,  milk & rose water & blend it on high speed until you get a nice smooth milk shake consistency.
    4. Bring them out in nice glasses & cool for 20 min in the refrigerator.
    5. Serve chilled.

    *opp instead of ice-cream you can use yoghurt & milk for your diet & trust me it tastes yummy too.  




    Thanks Ritika 4 ur appreciation. Actually I make the beet roots & leave in air tight jars for later and just use as much as I need. As it is not easy to get fresh beet roots some times.Hope tat helped, Cheers.


    This seems to be a healthy 1.Beetroot helps in increasing the level of hemoglobin.gud 4 all.can you pls tell me, in step 1 ,r v supposed to grind the beet, further in step 3 , you hav mentioned take 4 tsp beet , what 2 do with the rest, when to add it ?