Veg. Biryani - Chinese Style

Rice sauted with half boiled vegetables

Recipe by nandita mehndiratta of

Could be Served as Dinner . Light on Stomach. Less Oil

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    1.5 Cup Rice 2 tbsp Oil (refined/ vegetable) 2 Cups Mixed Vegetable - Cauliflower,Peas,French Beans, Carrot,Mushroom,etc. 1/4 Cup Cottage Cheese(paneer) - small cubes -golden fried 1/2 Cup Cabbage (long ,thin slices) 2 onion - medium sized - long sliced 8 flakes Garlic (chopped) 7-8 pieces Cashew (fried) - OPTIONAL 7-8 pieces Almonds (fried) - OPTIONAL Salt to taste 1/4 tsp. red chilli powder 1/2 tsp. meat masala / vegetable masala


    1. Soak the rice into water for 30 mins. & cook them adding a little salt.
    2. Par boil the vegetables cut into small cubes adding a little salt in the water.
    3. In a pan / karahi heat up the oil , fry onions, when half golden add the garlic & fry till the oil starts leaving corners.
    4. Add salt & chilli powder and then add the boiled veg. Saute a little and add cabbage. Saute again and then Meat Masala .
    5. When sauteed well add the rice and stir well. Add golden fried cottage cheese and the Biryani is ready to serve. Garnish with cashews and almonds.
    6. Could be decorated with onion rings, tomato circular slices and corrinder also.



    I liked the recipe, its simple and i hope it would be tasty too. I will definitely try this recipe but i think some chinese sauce or at least ketchup need to be added.Thanks


    curry powder 4 tablespoons.mixed vegetables 1 small bowl.2 potatoes boiled and cut into small cubes. 2 tahu fried and cut it .grinded garlic and onion paste

    Nikita Saxena

    Hi I am Nikita from Bangkok I found it interesting but for Biryani to be Chinese style definitely some chienese sauces ashould be added to make it really intersting. This is simply more of veg biryani only....but definitely good.


    hi, this is shaikh form ahmedabad as i was going thoru the reciepe i found it interesting and i like it but as it suggest chenese style biryani what i expected that chinese herbs and chinese sauces should been used and it should be put on dum intead of mixing the rice with all vegetable and masala