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Cheese Corn Tikka


Recipe by Sarah Patel of Navi Mumbai, IN

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    • 200 grams   sweet corn (american corn) blanched and squeezed.
    • 5 cubes        cheddar cheese (grated)
    • 100 grams   paneer (grated)
    • 7 - 8            green chillies
    • 1 tsp           garam masala
    • 1 tsp           zeera powder(cumin)
    • 1 tsp           daalchin powder ( cinnamon)
    • 1  fist          fresh coriander (dhaniya)
    • cornflour     for thickening , salt to taste.


    1. Blanch the sweet corn, squeeze out the excess water thoroughly
    2. blend it in the mixer roughly for 2 - 3 seconds.
    3. Add salt, all the masalas, grated cheese, grated paneer , green coriander, chillies.
    4. mix them into a nice mixture evenly.
    5. Lastly add the cornflour for the thickening purpose. Only to the extent where in u can hold the corn mixture nicely n shape them into balls.
    6. make round balls of the mixture and flatten them n your palm to make Tikkis. You can make the ball size according to ur needs. They can be small ones or big.
    7. Now heat a Frying Pan, add oil only to grease the pan.
    8. Add the flatten Tikkis to the pan.
    9. Wait for the tikkis to turn light brown and done. Turn the tikkis until both the sides are completely done.
    10. Serve hot with tomato sauce, or mint chutney.


    Sarah Patel

    Sarah Patel

    yes u can :) just make sure they r soft n fresh .



    can I use the caned corn in this recipe?

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