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Mawa misri


Recipe by swati of delhi, IN

rajasthani recipe. my massi told me about this recipe , she is in rajasthan.

Ingredients vegetarian 2 servings

    • 1ltr milk
    • 250 gm condensed milk
    • 50 gm misri
    • 10 gm ghee
    • 50 gm sliced almonds
    • 5 gm eliachi powder
    • 50 gm unsalted pista
    • 2 silver leaves for garnishing


    1. grease a heavy bottom pan with ghee and pour milk.
    2. bring to boil.
    3. stir occasionally till the reduces to half.
    4. now add condensed milk to it.stir constantly to aviod sticking to the bottom.
    5. cook till reduced to quarter. add  sugar and eliachi powder.
    6. add almonds and pista to it. remove from heat
    7. allow to cool.mix thoroughly.
    8. serve chilled
    9. before serving garnish with finely chopped almonds and silverr leaves.




    thanks mrs asad syed.

    mrs asad syed

    hi ms swati,indeed delicious....say thnx 2 ur massi too!n yes rabz...i agree wth u,u r absolutely true...!



    I believe sometimes the easiest things are one of the yummiest things u can eat. Thanks.