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Egg delight

Recipe by rabz of Dhaka, BD

These eggs are attractive and yummy.My mum would make for us while we were small since my bro did not like the raw smell of eggs.It's full of nutritions and a food on it's own.

Ingredients non vegetarian 8 servings

    • 8 beaten eggs
    • 2 tbsp milk
    • 2 tbsp finely chopped coriander
    • 1 tbsp finely chopped red chilli
    • left over cooked mince
    • salt & pepper to your taste
    • 1 ping pong size dough for roties (bread).


    1. Break the eggs  from the tip (a size of a nail) and pour out the eggs from the inside.
    2. Leave the shell on  the side.
    3. Combine eggs, milk, corianders, chilli mince, salt and pepper and beat well.
    4. Fill back each  egg shell carefully with the egg mixture.
    5. close the open tip completely with a piece of dough so that no egg comes out while boiling.
    6. In a pot put these eggs and fill them with water and boil them like hard boiled eggs.
    7. Once boiled remove from heat & allow to cool.
    8. Take the shells off and serve as it is or make sandwiches out of them. 


    Ashima Khurana

    HI.. can u pls confirm do i need to puncture the yellow part also before putting it back.

    Varuna A

    Hiiiiizz!! vry innovative receipe :)



    Hi Shalini Ur shells must have cracked up when you were taking out the small piece of shell out of the top (as they are very fragile) so wat u can do is have a look at the shells be4 pouring the whipped egg then seal the cracked eggs with a lair of thin dough. and tat will conceal the eggs.but if something like tis happens in the future don't get disappointed instead bring them out and make omelets or egg bhaji at least u would not need to waste your eggs. Hope tat helps.


    hi Rabz, I am new to cooking and found this recipe very interesting. Tried it out but when boiling the eggs, the content started coming out not from the covered end but from the shell itself. how can i avoid that?



    Hi Srabani 4m my experience. I know if u add Veg juice it will form into an egg but it will not be as colourful rather a whole chunk of boiled egg but adding things separately will just add in extra colour. Hope tat helped. Cheers.

    srabani sinha

    Hi Rabz! it's a fantastic idea. To make the egg colorful , if colored vegetable juice is added with the egg , will the eggs will be formed after boiling? ok, i must try it... Thanx for your idea. keep sending such rare thoughts in culinery...


    Man!!!!!!! how do you come up with such wonderful ideas. I have become a fan of yours, you are just a great teacher in cooking. I have really learnt allot from ya. Khanakhazana can make allot out of your talent and creativeness.Thank you soooooooo much.



    Just 1/4 left over mince if enough in this recipe.cheers.