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Egg Curry with Green Mutter

its very good in taste ,,eggis good to have because of proteinsohave eggwithveg

Recipe by davinder of dingmannsferry, US

its delicious and takes not much time only 15-25 minutes,,,veg and protein altogether i used to cook this so much.

Ingredients non vegetarian 2 servings

    • 4 - boiled eggs
    • 1 cup - green peas
    • 2 - tomato, medium
    • 2 - onion, medium
    • 10 cloves - garlic
    • a small piece - ginger
    • 250 ml - full cream milk
    • kitchen king masala 1 tbsp - salt
    • turmeric & chilly powder according to taste


    1. Grind onion, garlic & ginger.
    2. Fry them in hot oil till light brown.
    3. Add peas, salt, turmeric & chilli powder & fry for 3 minutes.
    4. Then add tomato paste, fry till the oil is separated.
    5. Add 250gm full cream milk & cook for 5-7 minutes, stirring continuously.
    6. Now add boiled egg into this mixture & kitchen king masala too.
    7. Serve hot after garnishing with coriander leaves.



    Hi ! Davinder ..... Awesome pic nd a healthy recipe . Thank U . Eggs are loaded with nutrients . High quality protein . Excellent source of Carotenoid , essential fatty acid , Vit's nd Minerals..... New research shows that contrary to previous belief moderate consumption of eggs do not have a negative impact on cholesterol . Eggs contain the right kind of fat . One egg contains only 5 gms of fat nd only 1.5 gms of saturated fat . An egg yolk contain the long chain Omega -3 fatty acid . A yolk contains 300 micrograms of choline an important nutrient that help to regulate the brain , Nervous system and Cardiovascular system .Helps in weight loss , Contributes to fetal brain development , Prevents breast cancer , Lowers the risk of developing cataracts , Stroke and Heart attacks . Promotes healthy Hair ,nails etc . Eggs are one of the only foods that contain naturally occuring Vitamin D .