Shahi Raan

Dry mutton recipe.

Recipe by vandana dubey of

it's a delicious mutton recipe. Every body will like it.It is very famous among my family and friends.

Ingredients non vegetarian 4 servings

    1 kg mutton (leg portion whole) 3 onions,sliced fine and fried crisp 2 onions, sliced fine 12 flakes of garlic (fine paste and dissolved in 1 cup of water, then strained) 4 red chillies 8 almonds 2 tsp garam masala 2"piece raw papaya ,made into a fine paste 2"piece ginger,grated 2 bay leaves 3/4 cup beaten curd 2 pinches of saffron in 1/2 cup milk A few drops kewra essence 2 tbs ghee salt to taste Vark(optional)


    1. Grind the following to a fine paste:red chillies,almonds,crisp fried onions.
    2. Make cuts with knife on the mutton leg.To the beaten curd add the papaya paste,grated ginger,garam masala and salt to taste.
    3. Pour this over the raan and allow it to marinate for 6 to 8 hours.
    4. Heat ghee and fry the sliced onions till crisp,then remove.Add bay leaves and the red chilli paste and fry tillthe ghee separates.
    5. Add the marinated raan and keep turning till brown.
    6. Add garlic water and cook till tender.Add a few drops kewra essence to the saffron milk and pour this over the raan,then allow to cook till tender.
    7. Remove the raan onto a plate,cover with wark and crisp fried onion.




    hi, the recipe seems 2 b easy n gud, but can i knw if the raan should b kept in refrigerator so tht it doesnt get spoiled in room temperature ... coz it has to b marinated for 6-8 hrs.