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Zafrani peda

Recipe by Khuserv of Jeddah, SA

This peda is the easiest you can make so try them out and let me know.

Ingredients vegetarian 6 servings

    • 8 tbsp melted butter approx one stick.
    • 2 c milk powder
    • 1 can (400 ml) condensed milk
    • 1/4 tsp crushed saffron strands
    • A pinch of saffron colour
    • 1 tbsp rose water


    1. Combine melted butter, milk powder and condensed milk in a micro save dish and mix to a mince thick paste.
    2. Micro for 5 min after every minute give it a nice stir and micro it again.
    3. Remove from heat & mix in saffron  and  colour then the rose water.
    4. Allow to cool for 5-10 minutes.
    5. Oil your hands and take small ball size mix and made into circles then pat it down to peda shapes.
    6. Make a slight hole in the centre of each peda with your finger and fill it with pista or chocolate chip.
    7. Oil a plate and put your pedas on them.
    8. Ready to be served.



    I made this weekend and I would recommend to keep an eye after 3 minutes because it will get overcooked and become dry khoya. I would prefer on stove top so I can have visual. Yes you can cook stove top and take it off the stove once it starts leaving sides.

    jean chaurasia

    This sounds good, but can you make it on a stovetop, I'd appreciate the method. Thanks


    Thank you for this wonderful recipe. I made them yesterday for Iftaar and they were a big hit. Best Wishes, Hasina


    Hi ! Khuserv .... Very Simple , quick nd Irresistible Pedas . U wont believe it got over in few mts . Thanx a ton . Awesome pic !

    samira mohammed

    being new to this site.. i tried this recipe and it worked a treat!!...thank you


    could you pl be clearer about the qty of milk powder needed. Thx, Deepti.

    Arshad Narmawala

    Hi I love peda And i am sure my mom will make it

    swati dhingra

    swati dhingra

    hi khuserv fr sharing this recipe my husband n daughter loves peda i wl try for sure.thanks.


    hi khuserv ur peda look so yummy . But is there a way to make without microwave?.waitng for ur answer.thnk u

    Anita Deepak Chandrel

    thanx for so easy recipe my son loves it Anita


    Thank you Ritika and Rabz and all those who voted. I really never thought of getting so many votes but thanks to you all.



    Thanks KHuserv tried it out a day back & thanks to u everyone at home (big-small) loved it . The good thing it is 2 easy to make.


    yes it is easier Kusrev.can be made when u have unexpected guests at home.thanx 4 posting.