Carrot Halva

Recipe by Sravi Wadawadigi of

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    1 lb carrot (finely chopped) ½ Can condensed milk 15 tsp sugar 4 tsp ghee cashew, elaichi


    Heat ghee in a pan and stir in carrots. Continue stirring on medium heat till carrots are cooked. Add sugar to it. After the sugar melts and the paste thickens add condensed milk and stir till it thickens and you feel the aroma. Add powdered elaichi and cashews. Halwa is ready.



    nice recipe. But it will be more delicious and yummy if carrot cooked in milk after stir fry in pure ghee. theen add one more spoon of ghee and grated mawa.


    nice recipe. But it might be more delicious if after stir fry in ghee we add milk to cook carrot up to tender feel. then add one spoon of pure ghee and mawa.

    surekha sawant

    Usually ,i cook my halva the same way as you,It tastes delicious,but I even add grated mava in the end.It tastes much better.Try it out.

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