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Aloo kurma

ppl have wrng perception about kurma till now but its not at all trignometry

Recipe by lavanya shastry of vishakahapatnam, IN

awesummm guys tastes reallly great .. try it its as smile non masala dish u start licking u r fingers for sure ... u can make great dishes without playing with masalas n this is the dish here proves u don't need masala every time to make ur dish tastyyy. the main reasons the taste of vegetable itself n aroma of herb .

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    • 8 big sized Potato
    • one cup curry leaves 
    • mustard 
    • red chillies 
    • 5 big sized onions
    • green chillies
    • ginger
    • turmeric
    • besan 6 spoons
    • salt
    • oil
    • water


    1. boil potatoes in salt now peel potatoes u can smash it or cube it on u r own wish 
    2. now chop onions n take a frying pan take 6 tps oil 
    3. add mustard allow them to crackle
    4. add onions fry them till it is little golden brown. make sure its not over cooked as we need the sweetness of onions.
    5. add turmeric and curry leaves..
    6. add two big glasses of water 
    7. allow it to boil add salt for taste 
    8. add potato cubes ..
    9. in a bowl take 6 large spoon of besan add little water remove the lumps if any ..
    10. now add it in the curry .. allow it to boil as the curry has to become thick
    11. now its ready to be served 
    12. less oil , great taste no masala . so enjoy a healthy food at u r table 
    13. AS I ALWAYS SAY KEEP SMILING N KEEP VOTING.....................


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