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Recipe by Rajiv Anand of Santa Clara, US

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    3/4 cup Refined wheat flour ¼ cup Gram flour(Besan) 1 cup Curd 1 cup Sugar 2 pods of Cardamom 4 strands of Saffron 1 cup Water Salt to taste Oil for deep frying


    Whip the curd. Mix all ingredients well, and keep it aside for 24 hrs covered. Use a cake decorating bag pour the overnight fermented batter into it. Heat oil in a frying pan till medium hot. Drop the mixture into the oil while Make concentric circles 3 to 4 times a little far from each other and get the last one to the centre so that it closes. Turn the side with the help of tongs till both the sides turn reddish golden. Serve hot.



    Love Jalebi's, can eat 1kg in one go.

    bandana dhakal

    thanks for the receipe

    jarine pradhani

    is it a sugarfree jalebi?


    Mr Rajiv don't you dip your jalebis in the syrup?

    Curd is 'yogurt' or in Indian language its 'Dahin'

    Shawkat Ara

    I do'nt know what is curd. I want to try this recipe. Please let me know what is curd? thanks


    I think this recipe is incomplete, since there is no mention of how to make the sugar syrup in which you are supposed to dip the Jalebi. I think you have to boil the mixture of water and sugar till it comes to a boil and then dip the fried Jalebi in this syrup which is kept warm.


    This recipe is not completed as theres no mention of the fried jilebis being dipped into the sugar syrup..could u be kind enuff to either complete it or take it off the site as it could be misleading to the ppl who r new to Indian cooking. thanx :)

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