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gulab jamun

The powder is used with MTR gulab jamun mix

Recipe by Mrs.Madhulika Sureshkumar of chennai, IN

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Ingredients non vegetarian 1 servings

    250 gms of gulab jamun mix
    1kg of sugar with equal of 1ltr of water


    1. Sprinkle the water in the flour and mix well and add water if needed . The flour should not be more sticky.
    2. Mix well and keep aside.
    3. keep kadai or pan it on  a fire add sugar and water.
    4. Add saffron and caradmompowder,gently bring it to boil and stir ocassionally.
    5. The syrup sholud not get thick.
    6. When the syrup is ready switch of fire.
    7. keep another kadai or pan it on a fire.
    8. add ghee/ oil
    9. add oil in your palms, so that you can roll the balls easily.
    10. Roll the balls in a small size, because when the balls fry size will automatically rises to a big size.
    11. Keep the fire minimum heat for fry and for syrup preparation 
    12. After the ball are ready,put  the balls in a sugar syrup.
    13. Close the balls dipped in the sugar syrup for 1 hour.
    14. serve hot or cold. 


    Mrs.Madhulika Sureshkumar

    it is so tasty and it serves for atleast 5 people and mistakely it was typed as it serves for 1 people