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Ladies finger will not be sticky if you add lemon or tamrind juices.

submitted by dimpi

add a pinch of salt when u fry the tomato it cook fast and become soft quickly.

submitted by hiffzameharaj

Quick pulav with left over gravy. Heat oil in a pan add ghee saute chopped onion add left over gravies (Non veg or veg) add rice, salt, lemon juice, cook till the rice is done. serve hot with raita.

submitted by Mamta Ahluwalia

While adding green chillies in oil add little salt. The green color will be retained very well. This will give a very good appearance.

submitted by vinodkumar

Mostly ginger get dried up so want to have fresh always store in a sand slightly wet in some container in the kitchen


To peel garlic pods easily apply some oil to it and saute in a pan for few min then cool it.

submitted by strawberry

to avoid tears in eyes while chopping onion, put the onions in water 10 minutes before chopping. U will not have tears anymore while chopping onions.

submitted by aanand jha

Add a cupful of soaked poha to 5 cupfuls of rice soaked for idlis and grind with the rice for softer and lighter idlis.

submitted by angel

If pizza sauce (or gravies) has become very thin, thicken by adding 2 slices of day old bread, run in a mixie to make very fine crumbs. Using too much cornflour may make the sauce taste pasty.

submitted by angel

while making paneer at home, add a spoonful of cumin seeds(or jeera powder), a tsp. salt, some chopped coriander and chili powder. This will make masala paneer, tasty to stuff in sandwiches or parathas.

submitted by rashmi agrawal


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