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rashmi agrawal

From Pune, IN

  • Last seen on 3/2/2013 4:36:00 AM
  • rashmi agrawal is vegetarian

"a doting working mother of a baby gal and a proud wife, software engineer by profession. Cooking is an interest cum learning activity for me. I blog on food at http://aromaticencounters.wordpress.com/"

Latest Recipes by rashmi

Shabnam Curry

Shabnam Curry

in Main dishes

rich creamy mushroom curry with sweet corns and peas

“Shabnam Curry” is a mughlai main dish, with creamy richness of cashews and goodness of mushrooms and peas, Sweetcorn is optional here. I simply did some omissions to the recipe to suit our palate. I added a less of kaju paste due to our unfriendliness with the nutty sweetness in curries. I removed cloves and cardamom too. If you like, you can crush 2 cloves and sprinkle over the curry just a min before removing it from flame. Add whole cardamom while sautéing the onions.

Paneer stuffed Bhavnagari Mirch

Paneer stuffed Bhavnagari Mirch

in Appetizers and Snacks

Bhavnagari chilies stuffed with paneer crumbs, a finger licking finger food

Bhavnagari Mirch is a humble sister of the hot chilies. Being on the less spicy side, they are really good candidates of pakodas and finger foods. So, lets cook up some thing different from pakodas and tikkis. This paneer stuffed mirch also plays a good side dish for an elaborate lunch/dinner.

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