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Sevai Ki Kheer

Sevai are known & famous throughout the india & here the Kheer of its.

Recipe by kirti of , GB

Delicious & easy to make kheer!!

Ingredients vegetarian 1 servings

    • 1 cup sevai(sevaya)
    • 3 cup milk
    • 1/4 cup sugar
    • 1/4 tsp cardamom powder
    • 2 tsp ghee
    • 2 tsp broken cashew
    • safron


    1. Take a small bowl & add 3-4 tsp milk in it, then add 4-5 sticks of safron & keep it aside.
    2. heat a pan with a ghee, add sevai in it & shallow fry it on low heat till it becomes slighty golden.
    3. Now pour the milk in it & let the milk boil for 10 min.
    4. Now add safron milk in it & then add sugar,cashew & again allow it boil for 2 min.
    5. finally add cardamom powder & remove it from fire.
    6. if kheer looks very thick(sevai suck more milk) then you can add some amount of milk & then serve.   



    its nice....yummy

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