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Strawberry Milk Shake

easy to make

Recipe by rajeswari of pune, IN

Sugar can be added or reduced according to the sweetness of strawberry,If u prefer ice cubes,please pour strawberry shake into ice cube tray & after it sets, put that in the strawberry shake

Ingredients vegetarian 1 servings

    • 6 Strawberries
    • 1 1/2cup Cold Milk(Rich in Calcium or Low Fat)
    • 1 tbsp Sugar


    1. Wash the Strawberry & remove the leafy portion.
    2. Cut them into four pieces.
    3. In a Mixer,First grind strawberries & sugar.Then add cold milk to it.
    4. After adding milk,please run in whip mode for 2-3 times.
    5. It mixes well and becomes smooth.
    6. Strawberry Milk Shake is ready.

    Note: Please do not filter.




    u can use strawberry crush but its not much healthy as artificial colors and preservatives might be added.


    can i use strawberry crush instead of fresh fruits

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