Jatpat Peda

Recipe by sushma sharma of

it is easy to make and its can make within 10min.

Ingredients vegetarian 6 servings

    14oz milk powder 14oz condense milk 1tbs butter elachi powder halftsp 1 to 3string of kesar.


    1. Mix milk powder and condense milk finely and then add butter mix three of ingredients well for 2 to 3min.
    2. Then mix elachi powder and kesar. and now take micro oven proof container and bake it of 2min.
    3. Now take out from oven. Grease your hand with ghee or butter and make shape like peda with that mixture.


    manisha naran

    Peda recepi 500gm powder,2tbspghee,tin cream 2tbsp.Add into powder make rava in foodprocessor ,In pan take 2tbsp ghee and add powder stir it till gets nice and warm.Let it cool and then add condensed milk accordingly also add elaichi powder now roll it in peda shape.


    hi, i feel that the recipe is good but can u plz give the quantity in grms.


    The recipe is surely simple....but is very dry and is like eating milk power!!:(. I feel the praportion of milk powder is too much for the condensed milk. More over it is easier to understand the quantity of dry milk powder in grams ....as that is the way it is written on the packet.With 14 oz of milk powder I feel one can get about 30 pedas...I wonder why did u mention serving size as 6.Please tell me how to make it more moist and not to waste all the ingredients.