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Vanilla Icecream

Recipe by Rachna Dubey of GUNA, IN

Icecream is usually hard to make but using this method you can get pretty good smooth icecream right in your freezer

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    • 1/2 lits full cream milk
    • 1 1/2 tbs GMS powder
    • 1/4 tsp  CMC powder
    • 1 1/2 tbs cornflour
    • 8 tbsp Sugar
    • 50 gms milkpowder
    • 2-2 drops of Vanilla essence


    For base

    1. Bring Milk to room temp
    2. Add sugar, GMS, cournflour, CMC to milk bring it slowly to boil. Keep stirring.
    3. Take off from heat after a minute.
    4. Once the mixture cools down, freeze it in freezer

    For flavors:

    When the base is set bring it out at room temp again and add milk powder and vanilla essence to it and whip it till it mixes well. You can use blender also. (we can use any flavoer in place of vanilla such as BUTTER SCOTCH ,STRABERRY etc)

    Set this mixture again in freezer in icecream cups. After 12 to 15 hours a smooth and soft icecream is ready to eat .



    from where i will get gms and cmc powder in pune

    Kush Kapoor

    very tasty. plzz tell what magic you put in this

    pooja bhatia

    how can and in which ingreidint we dissolve cmc and gms

    Rachna Dubey

    Rachna Dubey

    cmc (sodium carboxymethyl cellulose)g.m.s (glyceryl mono sterate food grade) THESE ARE EASILY AVILABLE IN SUPER MARKETS N IN BAKERY ITEMS SHOP

    meena bisht

    when we made our icecream it does not give the taste like market icecream. plz tell us the method to make it tastefull.

    Rajiv Anand

    Rajiv Anand

    GMS (Glucose mono-stearate) and CMC (Carboxy methyl cellulose) are both emulsifier and thickening agents used in commercial icecreams. The names are pretty scary and look like coming straight from a chemistry lab but they are pretty easily available ingredients. This particular combo is also responsible for the smooth texture of ice creams.

    khushrow mistry

    I agree with all the readers. Can u pl tell us what is gms and cms powders and if possible, what are the basic ingredients in these powders. Also where are these powders easily available. Can't try this receipe without all the ingredients. Thanks.

    Zeenat Jabeen

    Zeenat Jabeen

    plz explain what is cmc n gms powder n where these two r available?

    Zeenat Jabeen

    Zeenat Jabeen

    plz let me know what is cmc n gms powder n where these two are available?


    what is cms and gms powder?


    i wanna know whts gms and cms powder


    plz let us know what is GMS and CMC. Bcoz this why there is no use of giving the recipe. 1 should use the full name of the ingredients or atleast where to find it.


    what is gms and cmc and from where these ingredients we can get very easily?


    please can u tell me what is CMS OR cms

    Sailaja neelam

    Sailaja neelam

    can u please explain wat is GMS and CMC powder


    can u tell me the meaning of CMC nd GMS????

    dr mangala

    it is very good receipe, icecream became very very good same like market icecream and you can dowith same receipe with skimmed milk and skim milkpowder it comes out very good fat free icecream thanks to rachana dubey for sharing this recipe



    Hello, some one plz let me know what is GMS and CMC plz answer must


    can u plz expain me what is GMS & CMC Powder


    i will definetly try the receipe and then comment.