sweet dish famous in Rajasthan

Recipe by pinky of Tirupati, IN

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    • 2 cups wheat flour
    • Ghee as required
    • 1 Jaggery crushed



    1. First seive the wheat flour.
    2. Now add sufficient amount of water and 1/2 cup of ghee and make dough, not to watery.
    3. Now make rotaas or bulk rotis on taava.
    4. Then cool the bulk(moti or fat rotis)rotis and put it in the mixi and make a smooth powder.
    5. Now seive the smooth powder and fry it in khadai till the coour changes to brown. keep it aside.
    6. Now take a khadai and add equal amount of water and jaggery. Melt the jaggery in water. Make a syrup of it. which should be some what thick not too thick.
    7. Now cool the syrup and add in the smoothly seived and fried powder . Mix it properly. Add 2 to 3 spoons ghee to it
    8. To serve Churma take a khadai and heat it in little ghee and serve it hot. Or u can serve it as it is. Ur sweet Dish is ready.



    wonderful,i had heared about this Rajasthani dish, ubut could not taste when i visited jaipur,thanks for this wonderful ,i m pregnant and missing these traditional cuisine , now a days i m very fond of sweet dishes, thanks