Semolina pancakes

breakfast delight

Recipe by maria pereira of leicester, GB

A tasty pancake that is very healthy and is quick to prepare

Ingredients vegetarian 2 servings

    • 2 cups semolina
    • few sprigs of coriander leaves, finely chopped
    • 1 onion chopped finely
    • 1 or 2 green chillies
    • 3 tbsps sugar
    • Salt to taste
    • fresh grated coconut 1 cup
    • fresh milk to knead the semolina into a dough
    • ghee/oil to grease pan



    1. Mix all the ingredients. Knead the semolina into a dough. Should not be watery, but as thick as possible.
    2. Heat a pan
    3. Add a tsp of ghee/oil.
    4. Drop a handful of dough on the pan.
    5. Spread it carefully on the pan with your palm till it is flat and round.
    6. Cover and heat on medium flame till done
    7. Turn and cook the other side of pancake.

    Tip: Take a bowl of water and dip hand into it before spreading the dough. This will prevent the dough sticking to your hand. keep dipping fingers into water bowl as you flatten the pancake. Caution to be exercised when doing this.


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