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Kaju Katli

Recipe by Fatima Khan of Dubai, AE

Contrary to what people think about this sweet, it is super easy to make

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    • 1 cup Cashewnuts(kaju)
    • 1/2 cup sugar
    • 1/4 cup water
    • 1/4 tsp. elaichi powder(cardamom)-optiona


    1. Grind kaju to make powder
    2. make chasni (sugar syrup) of water and sugar
    3. Mix very well kaju and chasni, when syrup is hot
    4. put the gas off, keep mixing until all syrup is absorbed
    5. Roll it on a butter paper, 1/4 inch thick
    6. Cut diagonal or square shape
    7. May decorate with chandi warak (silver foil)
    8. Same method is applied to make Badam katli (Almond)



    i tried it at home it was mouthwatering.. everybody liked it n also too easy to make........

    lavanya shastry

    i love itits so simple

    Fatima Khan

    Thanks to all. Dear Indu kindly read the recipe- it is roll it on the butter paper(wax paper) with rolling pin, not with butter paper. Good luck.



    so simple and yet so expensive in shops... well now no more kaju katli shopping....


    nice recipes.. but i want to knw that milk is not needed in this recipe???


    kaju is loveable for everybody at home definitely i will try



    its very tasty recipe.thanks fatima for a lovely sweet..


    Hi, I tried this recipe..however the katli turned out semi solid...& evn post refridgerating did not harden.did i miss out on something?


    what is Butter Paper???


    it is very delicious and tasty!!!!!!!!!!YUMMY..............

    Mrs.Rana Anjum Khan

    very nice recipe. yummy

    Shashi Corrie

    Good recipe. I have tried it out and the sweet turned out to be great!


    Hi fatima I m indu u r recipe is to good but I have one query I did'nt understand how to roll with butter paper and how to cut after roll.plz reply me soon.

    salomi suchitra

    Hi Fatima your recipe was yummy,i was searching for such type of burfi from quite a long time thanks a lot keep posting easy recipes.



    I was not known that this recipe is too easy. I use to buy it from market now I can prepare easily whenever i want it.



    Hi, I jus wanted to know what is butter paper??can u plz reply urgently as i wan tot make this sweet for the weekend as i have guests cmg over.thanx

    shilpa khuperkar

    its very interesting preparing at home during any festival

    Fatima Khan

    Hi, Parvati, Shruti, and it was my pleasure to share sweet recipe. 1. Chasni(syrup) should not be too strong(thick), else katli would not be soft. 2. To soak and grind KAJU is for u to try. 3. u can grind 5-10 whole cardamom with 2 tsp. of sugar, and keep in airtight container. It can also be used for coffee, but alter the quantity of sugar as per taste.


    i will try it today. thanks 4 such sweet receipe hope my fiancee will like it. it is among his favourite sweets.can i add elaichi as a whole if i dont have powder?

    nikhat sayed

    have been looking for this recipe for quite some time didnt knew it was so easy thanks