Chocolate Pudding

Recipe by yasminashraf of

Any body would like to take a first serving at its appearance and and a second serving after tasting it. Very delicious and can be prepared in 5- minutes.

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

  • 1 cup Milk
  • 3 packs Raw Cream, nestle
  • 3 nos. Chocolate, medium cadburys dairy
  • Sugar to taste
  • 1 tbsp Lime juice

2 sachets of dreamwhip powder (vanilla essence flavor)


  1. In a mixing bowl empty all the three tins of nestle cream and add sugar to it and mix it well in a beater.
  2. Next add milk to it and keep beating it , then add the dream whip powder in to it and mix well again.
  3. Now add lime juice and immediately mix it well.
  4. Finally add half of the cadbury dairy milk scraped powder (all the three cadburys have to be scraped) to this mixture and mix it well.
  5. Now pour this mixture in a serving dish and keep it in the refrigetor till it sets.
  6. Once the pudding is set sprinkle the other half of the scraped cadbury powder and decorate it.
  7. optional - if one likes chocolate cake taste then they can powder the chocolate cake and sprinkle it on top of the pudding along with the chocolate powder.


Mrs. Sreeanka Roy

so if we use whipped cream, then whtz d quantity?

Nafeesa Fijhaz

Hi... i really liked the taste of your choco puddin.... but would like give a suggestion. Try basing with a marie biscuit dipped in black coffee/milk. on it your chocolote pudding...... its awesome... try it


tasty pudding.send us some more of ur recipies.thanku


wow:yasmin u r a great cook.the pudding turned out to b very yummy my kids and my hubby hogged it .


dreamwhip is whip cream in the powder form which we have 2 beat in with cold milk or water to get whipped cream. u can also substitute with readymade whipped cream from the market


Dream Whip is a product which is made in the USA by Kraft Foods, it is a powder which you mix with milk (1 envelope of Dream Whip to 1/2 cup milk, plus 1/2 teaspoon vanilla flavor) and whip with an egg beater or electric mixer until it becomes the consistency of whipped cream. It's a little weird and the product has really no real food ingredients, except sugar. But it does have a place in many recipes, especially here in the midwestern US.

viji nair

Kindly explain in detail what is a dreamwhip powder



what is dreamwhip?


This is a very tasty puding and it is very easy to make.My whole group of friends liked this.Thanks a lot.

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