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Chocolate dipped strawberry

for chocolate lover! fast n easy

Recipe by gulafshan khan of dubai, AE

once addicted to this u wont stop!!

Ingredients vegetarian 4 servings

    • 10 to 15 strawberries whole
    • 1 bar of cadbury milk chocolate or  1½ cup hershey semi sweet chocolate chips
    • 400 gms roughly diced almonds
    • butter paper or greased foil.


    1. Wash the strawberries, dry and keep aside.
    2. Dice the chocolate, put all in a vessel and indirectly heat over steam from another vessel.
    3. Once smooth, remove from steam.
    4. Hold the strawberry form the stalk, dip in the hot chocolate, then hold upright till covered.
    5. Now roll the chocolate dipped berry over the  diced almonds.
    6. Place on the butter paper/ foil and refridgerate for 10 min, till the chocolate is hard.
    7. once all done , serve !


    Azeezah Patel

    can't you use other fruits??please relply...