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Daal Makhni

Recipe by Gurveen Sabharwal of Linden Hill, US

This comes out very light than regular daal makhni!

Ingredients vegetarian 2 servings

    • 1 bowl Kaali daal
    • little Hari moong daal (green)
    • little Chana Daal
    • little Rajma
    • 1 tsp Hing
    • Oil
    • 3 tsp Ginger garlic paste
    • Salt to taste
    • Red chili powder
    • Garam masala
    • Dhania powder
    • 2 moti elaichi
    • a pinch of haldi
    • Tomato Puree
    • Ghee/butter/cream Optional
    • Dhania for garnishing


    1. In a pan take kaali daal, a little bit of green moong daal, mothi/rajma, & chana daal. Wash it well & keep aside w/a little bit of water for 30 mins. (It's ok even if u don't soak it)
    2. Now in a pressure cooker add the daal with good amount of water & a pinch of hing. Put it on high flame, Close the lid & add the weight, after the first whistle shut the heat.
    3. After a few mins when the pressure drops, open the cooker lid & drain the hing water out, you may leave a little bit of water in if you wish.
    4. Add some fresh water & put it back on the flame, add some ginger garlic paste (I add a good amount), then add some cooking oil, a pinch of haldi, dhania pdr, red chilli pdr, garam masala, a moti elaichi (it gives it a nice roasted flavor), mix well then add some tomato puree, salt.
    5. Put the lid on with the pressure & let it cook on full till the first whistle & then after the first whistle cook it on med-low flame. In about 35-45 minutes your Daal Makhni is ready to be enjoyed.
    6. You may add a little butter & cream just before you serve the daal [I only add it when we have guests over] Garnish w/ dhania & ENJOY!

      Let me know how u all like it when u make it :)




    Why you have not mention the quantity of ingredients?

    Gurveen Sabharwal

    @ ninu- So that all the gassy water comes out & the daal comes out much lighter & easier to digest.


    why to drain hing water and then again pressure cook the dal ???????????