Aloo tortilla

Recipe by assma of lancashire, US

Interesting twist on the regular tortillas. can b eaten at breakfast time or enjoyed as a an afternoon snack

Ingredients vegetarian 1 servings

    • 4 boiled potatoes
    • 4 tortilla wrap
    • pich of fresh methi leaves
    • 1/4 tspoon chilli powder
    • 4 cruched green chillies
    • i clove crushed garlic
    • pich of haldi powder
    • pinch of garam masala
    • fresh coriander according to taste


    1. Mash potatoes add all above ingredients apart from tortillas
    2. mix thoroughly
    3. spread mixture on 1 tortilla all the way to the edges
    4. add another tortilla on top n seal
    5. brush tawa with enough oil to coat
    6. add tortilla n cook on low heat till browned
    7. Turn tortilla and do same on other side
    8. Cut in 4 pieces and enjoy with cup of hot masala chai