Ghost Dilkash

Mutton Preparation

Recipe by Reshmi Halder of Hyderabad, IN

Ingredients non vegetarian 6 servings

    • 1 Kilo Mutton
    • 1 Kilo Onion
    • Ginger & Garlic paste
    • Mustard Oil
    • Card (250 gm)
    • Turmeric Powder
    • Chilli Powder
    • Salt
    • Garam Masala


    1. Cut the onion into fine but long/vertical slices.
    2. now pour the mutton inside a big container which can hold all the ingredients together.
    3. now pour the onion slices inside the bowl.
    4. Then add around 4 table spoon of mustard oil, 3 tea spoon turmeric powder, 2 teaspoon of chilli powder (if you don't like too much chilli you can reduce the amount). Now mix it properly.
    5. Then add 2 tea spoon of ginger paste , 1.5  tea spoon of garlic paste and 200 gms of card. Now mix all of the ingredients and at the end add 4 table spoon of mustard oil and stir it properly. The mastard oil will give a different flavor on the food. Now keep the mixture for about an hour.
    6. Now keep 5 table spoon of mustard oil into the pan and let it be heated for around 2 mints
    7. now pour the entire mixture into the pan and stirr it. You need to cook the entire thing for around 1 hour.
    8. Then keep the mutton into the pressure cooker and pour some hot water. Then after around 7-8 whistles check if the mutton is cooked. If it cooked then add some garam masala and serve.


    Tarak Dutta

    Its really fantastic menu. I tried it out .. and it so delicious ... i thought of to server in my incoming as a surprise menu to my GF [:)]