Cashewnut Delight

Heart shaped sweet

Recipe by Harsha Ladhanni of


Ingredients vegetarian 2 servings

    2 cups Cashewnuts powder 1 cup powdered Sugar 2-3 flakes of Saffron dipped into milk Cardamom powder Butter paper


    1. Mix cashewnut powder, sugar powder, cardamom powder,with little milk mixed with saffron.
    2. Make heart shape out of the above dough and put it between 2 butter paper.
    3. Now put all delights in frying pan on very slow flame.
    4. After 3 hrs.take out butter paper and enjoy eating the delights.



    Its a very interesting receipe. but after the dough is ready how to place the butter paper inbetween and then fry? actually i didn't understand that part. If we fry it the butterpaper will also get fried. so please explain easily.


    Hello, i find this recipe very interesting and i want to try. plz tell me whether we should keep the barfis on low flame for three hrs? i think its too long. Kindly guide me as i want to try this one soon. and also tell me how do i do this in an oven. and is butter paper very imp? is there any alternative? and give me the exact quantities of other ingredients.. Thanks. I have been trying too many burfis and am not able to get the required consistency,and since this looks so nice i want to try. plz help me dear... thank u