Kesari Badaam-Kaju Kulfi

A delicious and creamy kulfi

Recipe by Suman Sharma of

You may also try a variation with kaju and pista.Elaichi powder may also be added.

Ingredients vegetarian 10 servings

  • 1 liter Milk
  • 1 cup Raw Cream
  • ¾ cup Sugar, to taste
  • ½ cup Dry Milk
  • 5 slices White Bread, edges cut
  • 1 pinch Saffron, soaked in milk
  • 10 nos. Cashews
  • 10 nos. Almonds


1. Heat the milk in a pan till it boils. 2. Add the sugar and the milk powder and stir well. 3. Constantly stir the mixture till it reduces to about three-fourths. 4. Take the mixture off the gas and then add the bread slices. 5. In a blender, make a paste of the almonds(baadam)and cashewnuts(kaju). 6. Add the cooled mixture and the kesar and blend for about a minute or two. 7. Add the cream in the blender. 8. Mix it in the blender for 10-15 seconds. 9. Pour in the kulfi moulds and deep freeze. 10. Delicious kulfi will be ready to serve in about 3-4 hours.



How much sugar want to add.


i love kulfi. very yummy. :)