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in other words its ginger toffee

Recipe by shamama of Dubai, AE

Chikoli is a toffee originated in chiplun that is a small village in maharashtra. It is a sweet & spicy toffee. i love it.

Ingredients vegetarian 20 servings

    • 250 grams ginger
    • 1 coconut grated
    • 300 grm jagerry peices
    • 5tbsp ghee


    1. grease a thala or big nonstick pizza pan with 1 tbsp ghee. set it aside.
    2. put the remaining ghee in a deep nonstick pan and heat it
    3. now add the jagerry and stir it contineously till its liquified
    4. now add the ginger and coconut and stir contineously and lower the flame.
    5. when the consistency thickens, test if it is done by putting a speck on the greased pan and waiting for it to cool while stirring the chikoli batter.
    6. if the speck turn into toffee put the rest of the batter on the greased pan and spread it with a greased big cooking metal spoon.
    7. let it cool then break it into peices and enjoy the toffee.
    8. you can preserve it in an air tight bottle for 5 weeks and it wont spoil.